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Welcome friends.

My name is Regina Dunbar and the primitive lifestyle is my passion. I had the blessing of growing up in the beautiful state of Oregon, where I developed a love for Native American culture and the detailed craftsmanship of their beaded leatherwork. 

Aside from beadwork at home, I noticed that I really loved to rearrange the furniture and would constantly be trying out various design styles in my living spaces.

After high school, I attended a small college in Oregon, studying Ranch Management, however, I soon made a drastic change and left for Nevada to obtain a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Las Vegas. Upon graduating, I knew big cities weren't for me, so I moved back to small-town, Oregon, with a new perspective.  

One day, at a random BBQ, I unexpectedly met the love of my life, Kyle, and we got married shortly thereafter. 


In 2008, Kyle took me to my first Black Powder Rendezvous, where I was mesmerized with this "living history" event. It was there that I met so many amazing people, who taught, and continue to teach me, the trades of yesteryear.

Kyle and I had two children together, Wade and his younger sister Keelyn. Wade loved going to Rendezvous and we found he had an old soul like his mother. Tragically, we lost Wade at the age of four in a freak accident. As devastated as we are, with God's grace, Keelyn has been our shining light, and has developed into quite the little frontiersman herself. 

Inspired by Wade's sunny outlook on life, I decided to follow my dreams and open my own business called Farmshoppe: Primitive to Present; a unique, online store where I sell my one-of-a-kind hand-beaded leather goods, artisan supplies, buckskinner's attire, cast iron camp wares, field provisions and sundries that would tickle the fancy of any frontiersman.  

Thanks for visiting!

Regina, aka Stands Her Ground

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