48 Hour Beeswax Candle

48 Hour Beeswax Candle


A neat spin on and old concept. News to me, many people were calling it a curfew candle. The story behind them reads:

The Legend...

The candle was developed in the 1600's. America had and abundance of beeswax which they twisted into rope candles. These candles were called courting candles. The courting candle became a parents way of timing how long a young gentleman suitor spent with their daughter. The candle burn time would be set by placing a cut into the candle. The long rope went to a choice suitor, all others got the "short" rope.

  • Courting Candle

    Approximately 48 hour burn time, about 20 minutes per inch. The candle extinguishes when it reaches the clip.

    Vertical Approx. 9" h x 4" dia.

    Horizontal Approx. 7" h x 7" w x 4" deep

    100% Beeswax candle with cotton wick

    Brand: Candle by the Hour