Copper and Glass Pane Lantern

Copper and Glass Pane Lantern

Walking through a medow or under the pines with moccassins on thends to get a bit slick soled sometimes. It is nice to have a little bit of light to help you choose your footing when your traveling to the john or to a neigborhood camp. We hang ours off the center pole and it illuminates the tent simular to that of a nightlight to get the kids tucked into bed.

  • Copper Lantern

    Works best with votive candles or tealights. 4" x 4" x 8"h including handle.

    Although it has a handle and a gaurd from direct flame heat, my hand tends to get a little to hot for my liking when I pack this lantern. So, I recommend using a piece of leather (or something to put a little more seperation between your hand and the handle) when carring it more than a short distance.

    Made in China  (if you know of a USA maker, please share the info with me) 


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