"Possibles Bag" Handmade Buffalo Leather Handbag in Tobacco Ombre

"Possibles Bag" Handmade Buffalo Leather Handbag in Tobacco Ombre


I often get asked, why is it called a possibles bag? My favorite answer from a true Mountain Man: cause you put everything you might possibly need in it! Commonly everything you would need for your muzzeloader and survival; flint, steel, blackpowder, patches, lead balls, knife, etc. Or for the modern day lady, it makes a one-of-a-kind purse. 

  • Handmade Buffalo Leather Small Handbag

    Each bag is made perfectly unique! We only have 1 left of this Tobacco Colored Ombre buffalo hide bag. It's a multi-functional bag with adjustable straps and 2 main compartments, plus a small one for pocket change.

    Dimentions: 8"H x 9"L x 2" Width

    Color: Tobacco Ombre

    About the Artist:

    Handcrafted by Lee Fears, 'Hombre'. Owner of Hombre Leather, a Montana native in his 70's, working with leather for over 30 years. Hombre is a true craftsman. Every cut, punch, and stitch is completely by hand using only hand tools to create these unique and quality leather goods. Attending many living history and re-enactment events, Hombre's leather work is inspired by historical patterns dating back prior to 1824. Hombre creates these beautiful leather works from buffalo, cow, and deer hides. His work is highly coveted amount his living history friends!

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