Muskrat, Blue Pearl Kirinite

Muskrat, Blue Pearl Kirinite


This knife is a favorite among us for cutting calves and skinning. Also know as the double-end trapper, it is designed for small detail work for trappers skinning muskrats.

Two identical surgical steel clip blades

Length: 3.88" closed and 2.8 onces

  • Case Knives

    Reasons why we love Case knives:

    Made in USA! 

    They have a blade tang stamping system that allows you to identifiy the specific patterns and determine the approximate age of your blade.

    Whether your a farmer, fishermen, hunter, roper, or a contractor, they offer  a blade to suit your needs with more than 80 knife pattern

    Handles are built with beautiful materials and are stylish, yet rugged enough to withstand the test of time and use.

    Blades are made with premium quality steel, including Chrome Vanadium, Case Tru-Sharp, Stainless Steel, Dmascus, ATS-34, 154-CM, and 80CrV2.

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