Red Rim Vintage Style Enamelware

Red Rim Vintage Style Enamelware

Although enamelware was not created until the 1870's it is accepted at rendezvous as an alternative to the period correct, lead and/or alluminum based dinnerware for known health reasons. Red rim enamelware was among the first to be produced, long before the common blue speckledware you see today.

  • Vintage Style Enamelware

    These are great for camp or your home kitchen and for the RV, best of all they have withsood distructive toddlers and clumbsy cooks. Made in China by a USA owned company.

    Mug : 12oz.

    Salad Bowl: 6" dia. x 2.5"h

    Dinner Plate: 10" dia

    Buffet Plate: 11.75" dia

    Serving Bowl: 8.5" dia. x 3.5"h

    Large Salad Bowl: 10 5/8" dia. x 5.5"h


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